The Way to Success is Through Failure

No one ever sets out to fail.  No one ever sets out to be a failure.  But it happens.  No one has ever been 100% successful at anything they have ever done…ever!

Over my life time I have had many successes and many failures.  One of my biggest success has been my 20 year career in the Army.  I started out as a Private, became and Officer, went to flight school and will retire as a Field Grade Officer.

One of my biggest failures was being a business owner to two businesses and closing them up.  So, what do you do to turn around your failures?

In the case of my businesses, I was forced to file a bankruptcy.  What a weight on my shoulders!  It was such a horrible stigma.  It was tough to get out of bed every day, but I did.  I still had my Army career, I still had lots of ideas, and I still had my drive and motivation.  It was dim, but it was there.

I had to focus on my successes.  I focused on my potential.  I focused on the lessons learned from my failures.

I regrouped and refocused.  It didn’t happen overnight.   The bankruptcy didn’t end for two years.  There were other lawsuits from another small partner that didn’t want to get involved until he realized he was really losing money.  But we, my family, got past it.  In the world wide scope of things, none of it mattered.

So what did I do different?

1.        Change my attitude.  Like I said, no one likes to fail.  You can feel like a loser or stand up, dust yourself off and drive forward.

2.       Be honest with yourself.  What really went wrong?  What decisions did you make to let the failure happen?

3.       Analyze your failure.  If you’ve been really honest with yourself, you will know what went wrong and when.

4.       Learn from your failure.  Don’t do the same thing twice.  If your failure cost you money, you might as well get an education for it.

5.       Drive on!  Put it all together and succeed.

If you think like a failure, you will be a failure.  If you dream of success, you will succeed.