The Blotter

I love the Blotter. I remember growing up as kid. Our local paper came out every two weeks to find out who made the blotter. You make it once or twice while you’re in high school, you were cool. More than that, you became the problem child of the town. I…..was cool.

Every morning at 0500 hrs(that’s 5:00am) my Army Blackberry vibrates to my morning blotter email. I roll over and open the blotter. This is how my day begins.

Admittedly, I open it with butterflies in my stomach. Depending on who did what determines if I have to call the General when I get to work or not.

I can’t imagine Steve Jobs wanting to know if one of his employees got a DUI the night prior or if the police were called because a neighbors dog defecated in their yard and the police were called.

Imagine Trump telling someone they’re fired because of something he read in the blotter.

Some of what I read is funny…like the dog issue, drunken wives arguing during a barbecue, someones kid lighting off fire crackers.

Some are not so funny. Sexual assaults, suicidal ideations, internal investigations of stolen government property; all of these are man power intensive and have many secondary and tertiary effects.

But, this is the job of a leader in the military. We get knee deep in soldiers personal lives to ensure our tools of battle are safe and ready to go to war.

How deep is your boss in your personal life?