Honored and Humbled


As a commander, it’s difficult not to get sucked into dealing with 10% of the soldiers 90% of the time. So when something good happens I truly enjoy it.

One of the Staff Sergeants in my unit was selected for promotion to Sergeant First Class. Because of the promotion process, this is one of the most difficult ranks to make.

Often, during such a ceremonious occasion, soldiers will choose who they want to promote them, even if it’s someone outside your formation.

I was honored and humbled that he requested that I promote him.

What is even more spectacular about this story was that he enlisted in the Army after working in the civilian sector for 20 years! He simply enlisted to serve his country.

I was proud to promote him. His wife, teenaged son and teenaged daughter were there. We read the orders and his daughter pinned on his rank. It was a great family affair.

After it was over he said, “Sir, after hearing you speak to us, I decided you were the guy that I wanted to have promote me.”

As a leader, these are the days you should cherish. These are the birthdays and Christmases of you job.

These types of events are one of the indicators you are doing something right for someone and when you do it, do it with humility and honor.